WVO storage containers …

I haven’t had time to finish the GFS kit installation, but have been thinking about WVO collection and storage.

I happened across this pair of 275gal IBC forkable poly totes while driving to a friend’s house outside of town.  They were sitting in someone’s yard near the road with a for sale sign.  These were used to store some sort of soap in a previous lifetime.  I was only looking for one IBC, but couldn’t believe the price so I bought both thinking that I could give one to my restaurant owner friend.  He declined, so I ended up flipping the spare for a profit on Craig’s List.

Rinsing out totes.  They were fairly clean already, so this was mostly a matter of draining the water.


Pair of nice clean totes, waiting for a home.  One will end up in the garage.  The other will end up on Craig’s List.



  1. Aaron says:

    Hey man, good info.

    Was wondering if you could let me know where and how much those locking drum lids were?
    I need about 3-4 of them. Thanks


  2. wvo says:

    Aaron – I didn’t have any answers for you back when you originally emailed me about custom lids for 55-gal drums in 08/2009. I was reviewing old comments tonight and wanted to let you know that I am now getting these lids locally. The shop that makes them for me is not setup to take online payments or ship, but said they’d be glad to make more and have me ship them to buyers. I’ve included more information about the lids my most recent post.

  3. Marty S. says:

    I’m very interested in purchasing the 55 gal locking lids for WVO collection. Can you provide ordering information please?
    Thank you for your time,

  4. wvo says:

    Thanks again for your purchase! The lids will flatten out after you have mounted them on drums. I don’t plan to buy any more for myself since I am now collecting oil from containers inside the restaurants. I can get you in touch with the shop that has been making the lids for me if you need any more. I believe they would charge $125-150 each, depending on how many you order.

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