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Choosing a WVO kit, choosing a WVO truck …

I’ve been looking at a variety of WVO solutions and think that I have decided to go with a kit from Golden Fuel Systems ( after reviewing lots of information from various online discussions, the GFS website, and their YouTube videos.  The fact that they are within driving distance (Springfield MO) is an added bonus.

I’ve narrowed my search for my future WVO truck to the following, based on personal preference, various online discussions related to problems and successes with WVO, and comments on each fuel system kit page on the GFS website.  Sounds like I should try to avoid newer generation trucks equipped specifically for ULSD or with the newer emissions features (EGR, etc).  Not to worry though, anything this new should be well outside of my target budget ($10K-14K).

  • Chevy/GM 2500 or 3500 w/ 6.6L DuraMax (2001-)
  • Ford F-250 or F-350 w/ 7.3L PSD (1999-2003)
  • Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 w/ 5.9L Cummins (2003-)

I’ll be looking for a 4 door cab and 4 wheel drive.  I’m hoping for an older (cheaper) truck with little wear, good interior and good exterior.  A heavy duty front grill might be nice so that future deer only cost me a quick rinse at the car wash.  LOL

Car Totaled, Considering WVO …

My car was totaled by a deer around 10/21.  I began trying to decide on a replacement.  I started by looking at full sized cars with the best possible gas mileage.

Months ago, I’d heard about the concept of running waste vegetable oil in diesel trucks.  I suddenly found myself reading endless online material related to WVO.  Once I started to become more comfortable with the concept, I paid a visit to the local restaurant owner who had originally mentioned the concept.  He seemed willing to share WVO from some of his restaurants and referred me to someone else who was already consuming WVO from several of his restaurants.  This gave me an opportunity to visit with a local who was already using WVO as a fuel.  He confirmed that he was collecting oil from two of the restaurants and consuming without problems.  He discussed some basics that I had already familiarized myself with and offerred to visit at length in person for a price.  I never took him up on the offer.  Knowing that I had access to useable WVO was enough for me.