WVO collection logistics …

Met with my friend who owns several local restaurants and am planning to begin pickup of fryer oil from two nearby locations.  Will provide a 55-gal drum with special lid at each location and will have to empty the containers each week, since I am anticipating each site will generate approx 35-gal each week.

Planning to pickup drums on Wed 03/25.  Ordering 3 locking drum lids.  Also ordering a pair of 100 micron drum filters so I can determine if something like this may help with the collecting and/or filtering process.

20090323-wvo-collection-drum-1 20090323-wvo-collection-drum-2

Also ordered 3 of the PlantDrive funnels with stands so that smaller sites can simply refill their original fryer oil cubes.



  1. Bruce says:

    I would like to know where you purchased your 55-gallon drums with the special lid (locking drum lid)? Do you have an address, website, or phone number to contact the distributor of those items? Thanks.

  2. wvo says:

    Bruce – I think I already replied to you directly via email, but wanted to let you know that I am getting these lids locally. They aren’t setup to take online payments or ship, but said they’d be glad to make more and have me ship them to you if you’re interested. I included more information about the lids my most recent post.

  3. at says:


    I am interested in Now more about this 55 gallons drums lockable lids.

    I will really appreciate your response.

  4. wvo says:

    Hello! Sorry for the slow reply. I just came across the records for these lids.

    I originally purchased these “WVO Collection Lids” from “BC Oil Reprocessing” (eBay) in 2009 for $145 each (plus shipping). After a few years, I was able to begin collecting WVO in indoor containers and no longer needed these locking lids, so I sand blasted and powder coated them, then sold them for $85 each (plus shipping) in 2013. They were definitely custom made and it doesn’t look like BC Oil is still in business. Posting prices in case you can find someone else willing to make them.

    Word of warning – We took one of these lids to a local fabrication shop and had them make a few copies, but the metal they used for the base was too thin and didn’t set/seal well inside the drum’s locking ring. Spend a few extra dollars on thicker metal for the round base! They were also able to drill holes in the bolt that tightens the drum ring so that we could install a padlock. Unfortunately, I don’t have any record of what they charged to make these lids. We likely offered to pay $150 each.

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