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More on Soybean Oil …

I continue to research the possibility of using the potential straight Soybean Oil source in my 7.3L PSD.  Several sites suggest that filtering the soy oil through a 10 micron or better (in my case, 2 micron) bag filter is recommended to prevent the soy oil from gumming up your fuel pump.  Supposedly, the cold filtering will allow the bag filter to capture a significant amount of the FFAs (free fatty acids).  This works for me since I’ve abandoned heated filtering through the bag filter.  I am relying on my pair of onboard Racor 1000 heated filters for water separation.

Can anyone confirm if soy oil would be safe to use after cold filtering?  The oil collection info from GFS claims that any translucent WVO is a safe bet as long as it has little/no water.  Maybe it’s safe to use regardless?  I’ll keep looking for suggestions or feedback from anyone who has used straight Soybean Oil in their 7.3L PSD for an extended period of time.  I’ll update this post with any information or feedback I find.