I am using this blog to document and share my experiences related to collection and consumption of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) as a fuel.  I have been hearing about SVO/WVO as a fuel for several years now.  My compact car (2001 VW Jetta) was considered a “total loss” after hitting a deer on the interstate in 10-2008.  I decided to pursue use of WVO as a fuel while trying to decide what type of vehichle to purchase.

I purchased a 3/4 ton diesel pickup (2002 Ford F-250 w/ 7.3L PSD) in 11-2008 and purchased a Golden Fuel Systems WVO conversion kit in 12-2008.  I began the WVO conversion in 01-2009 and began consuming WVO in 02-2009.

Please email me or add comments to individual posts if you have something to share.  Please email me if you have questions about specific posts.

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  1. Marc Quattrini says:

    I have purchased a MBZ 300D Turbo last July 08 and hoped to feed it with WVO as the Diesel was hitting quite high $…
    I found few restaurant happy to let me dispose of their oil. they all made the effort to pour the oil back from their frier into the original cubies the oil came from. Some were more dirty than other, but all went well. Few of those restaurants (I had a total of 3), started messing with me so I stopped. I now have a loyal tiny restaurant that I work with. It is close to my office and we have a very good relationship. It is not much per week: a bit less than 5 gals. But it is constant and it is the cleanest work done. I gave them a big funnel at the start and that gesture was appreciated.

    So I have accumulated quite some of those cubies over those past 10 months. I always put back the time I would start filtering. So frightened to make a mistake. But now it is time as my wife is getting crazy with me for stocking all those cubies outside saying we might be fined for this. One or two cubies collapsed over the last few days as they were piled up under a tadpole and the oil dirtied all the deck and the ground underneath. Lots of cleaning to do! So that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I now have the design for a simple but nice filtering/storing/feeding system and will start building today.

    For sure, the oil I have had time to “settle”! Being in North Carolina where the min. temp actually is around 70F, I don’t think I really need to do any heating at this stage and no additional modifications is needed to the car beside having the cleanest oil possible.

    My engine has now 261K miles and still purrs like a cat! I hope it will stay that way.

    This was just to share my fear of starting the actual dance. But here it comes. I’ll hopefully start running on WVO within 2 weeks once I collected the equipment to build the station.


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