Sold at nearly 400k miles! Still ran great, but showing signs of rust…

My WVO truck started to show rust above the rear wheel wells about a year ago.  I use this truck to visit customer sites, so I needed to do something about the rust.  The truck runs great mechanically, so I considered having the wheel wheels repaired or the bed replaced.  In the end, I decided to upgrade this 2002 F-250 7.3L with almost 400k to a 2003 F-250 7.3L from Texas with almost 90k and no rust.  I have cut my driving from 30-40k/year to 10-15k/year.  Most of those miles are going to be local short-trip miles, which aren’t good candidates for WVO fuel.  If I begin driving many long trips again, I wouldn’t hesitate installing a WVO conversion system on the new truck.

I had several out-of-state buyers interested in the truck. I offered to drive the truck to both of them.  I recently took the truck on an 1800 mile trip with no problems, so these 400 mile or 800 mile trips didn’t concern me.  Amazing how well it still ran considering it was approaching 400k miles!

A farmer who has access to WVO bought the truck.  I asked the new owner to consider giving me a call around 500k so that I could hear how things are going.  Not sure if I’ll ever hear from him, but I’d like to think the truck will last another 100-200k or more…

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  1. Jose says:

    I was poking around trying to find wvo storage containers and came across one of your blogs from 2009. In your blog you mentioned the PlantDrive funnel for refilling 5 gal totes. I visited the PlantDrive website, I can’t find the funnel anywhere in their products lists. Any Idea where I can purchase some of these?

  2. wvo says:

    These WVO tote refill funnel/stands originally cost $150 each at Plant Drive. I don’t see them on their website anymore either.

    The funnels worked very well for refilling WVO cubes. It seems that Plant Drive fabricated aluminum legs that clamped onto a funnel you can easily order online. They shipped their custom legs in one box and had the manufacturer drop ship the funnel in a separate box.

    I’ll contact you by email to see if you’d like to buy my last one so you could take it somewhere to have them build more legs or if you’d like a few pictures and measurements.

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