WVO kit installation (session 2) …

The spray-on bed liner was installed this week, so we were ready to begin some real work on the conversion this weekend.

We mounted the pair of 60-gal Trekker tanks.  We ran the Parker 3B hose from the tanks up to the engine compartment.  We separated the fuel line from the rest of the lines near the fuel pump.  (UPDATE:  We should have separated the fuel line a little further back, because we ended up mounting the 6-port Pollak valve on the frame between the fuel tank and the transmission support/mount.  We thought we were going to be able to mount the valve right by the fuel pump, but just couldn’t figure out how to make it fit.   I ended up separating the fuel hose from the other hoses by hand, but that was a lot more time consuming since the 3B hose was already in position.)  We separated the electrical lines from the coolant lines when the hose entered the engine compartment.  We ran the pair of coolant lines above the engine to the passenger side of the engine compartment and kept them wrapped in the sheath.

We cut the coolant lines going to/from the heater core and installed each “T” and connected each coolant line.  We determined which line was the “source” and which was the “return” by running both lines into a bucket in the bed and waiting for coolant to come out of one of the lines.  We connected the “source” to the front/clean tank and connected the “return” to the rear/dirty tank.  We had to add about 1/2-gal of coolant right away.  In the end, I probably added a total of 1 gallon of 50/50 universal coolant.


If I were to do this again, I’d want to be 100% sure that I knew where we were mounting the 6-port valve.  Everything else went pretty smoothly.  Having pictures that show where to run the 3B hose would have probably cut down on planning/thinking, though we managed fine on our own with a little extra time.  It would have also been nice to know that it can take a good 10 minutes for the truck to fill the entire length of the “source” coolant hose going back to the bed/tanks.  We were worried that something was wrong when we weren’t seeing any coolant back there after 4-5 minutes.

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